Digestive Health Transformation Program Description

Ready to restore the core of your wellbeing? This 8-week program is ideal for digestive issues including Acid Reflux, GERD, Constipation, Diarrhea, Stomach Pain, SIBO, IBS and Food Allergies. This program is also ideal for anyone who would like to simply optimize their overall digestive health and function.

Engaging group Zoom sessions with Dr. Ford allow participants to better understand their symptoms, target imbalances, and create a personalized digestive health restoration plan.

Digestive health testing* allows participants to clearly understand their starting point, identify food allergies and sensitivities, and better understand what types of foods are best suited for their bodies.

Then, based on test results, Dr. Ford leads participants on their Digestive Health Transformation journey utilizing proprietary protocols and specialized dietary guidelines.

Registration is limited to 10 persons. 

To check program schedules and availability, email imprograms@imctex.com

Fall 2020 Schedule

Section 1 Live Session 1 Monday Sept. 21st 11am-1pm (CST)
Live Session 2 Monday Oct. 19th 11am-1pm (CST)
Live Session 3 Monday Nov. 16th 11am-1pm (CST)
Section 2 Live Session 1 Friday Oct. 16th 11am-1pm (CST)
Live Session 2 Friday Nov. 13th 11am-1pm (CST)
Live Session 3 Friday. Dec. 11th 11am-1pm (CST)

Sections limited to 10 participants. Email imprograms@imctex.com to inquire about availability.

What's included in your digestive health testing?

Included in this program is comprehensive testing which provides critical information about your digestive health; a $1,500 value. Our testing includes:

  • Digestion and absorption analysis 
  • Immune/inflammation markers
  • Short chain fatty acid balance
  • Microbiome analalysis
  • Infectious or pathogenic organisms including candida and parasites

What's included in the Digestive Health Transformation Group?

Group sessions are more cost efficient than private consultations, and allow group members to learn from each other's personal experiences. Group membership also means community and community means support. Groups are limited to 10 participants per 8-week session. To check schedules and availability, email imprograms@imctex.com

  • Dr. Ford’s proprietary protocols used with her private clients

  • Comprehensive Digestive Health Testing with Guided Test Result Interpretation

  • Three 2-hour Group Zoom Sessions with Dr. Ford

  • Guided Elimination Diet with Expert Nutritional Support

  • Curated Digestive Health and Nutritional Resources on Thinkific

The Digestive System is the Foundation of Health

Did you know that at least 70% of your immune system immediately surrounds your GI tract AND that most of the neurotransmitters influencing your mood, attention, memory, and focus are produced in your digestive system? Conditions such as allergies, fatigue, weight gain or loss, joint pain, and mental fogginess that are seemingly unrelated to digestion are often dramatically improved when you optimize gut health.

Dr. Ford is Specialized in Digestive Health

As a naturopathic doctor and functional medicine specialist, Dr. Ford has received extensive training in the complexities and interrelationship of digestive health. Issues such as constipation, chronic diarrhea, IBS, SIBO, food allergies or sensitivities, heartburn and indigestion, gas and bloating, and gallbladder problems have responded well to Dr. Ford's recommendations. Proper testing to determine any underlying imbalances, simple diet and lifestyle interventions, and targeted supplementation will transform your digestive health.

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